Dear Colleagues,

The Indian Andropause Society (IAS), Andrology India (AI) and Mens Health Society of India (MHSI) being the Knowledge Partners of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International (CSEPI) join the organizing committee of the Conference in welcoming you to the 15th Congress of Asia Oceania Federation for Sexology being held along with the 34th Annual Conference of CSEPI.

This progressive group of organizations have confronted the challenge of improving citizen’s quality of life. The quality of each person’s sexual life, better represented by the term Sexual Health, is a requisite for having a healthy satisfied life and a dignified existence. Sexology, searching for solutions for sexual problems and comorbid situations that deteriorate health is the best format for effectively working for a better world, sexually speaking. Its tools and accumulated knowledge represent a valuable contribution to creating a better world.

Sexology, the scientific study of sexuality has thus become imperative to promote Sexual Health. Scientific knowledge, thus gained, has to be shared with the health care fraternity so that the public can benefit. Hence these Conferences.

The subject of sexuality, is unfortunately not taught in any Medical College in India. With the result that the general saying the Physician is more ignorant than the client has too often true. With the advent of paid telecasts by quacks and advertisement by unscrupulous persons in the media, spreading false information and creating fear among the general public has become rampant. The main enemies of Human Sexuality are fear, guilt and anxiety. All of these stem from ignorance. Some may say ignorance is a bliss. This is not true with sexuality. Ignorance leads to ill health and affects the quality of life. Hence it is imperative to dispel ignorance so that with the availability of scientific facts people are empowered to lead a good quality life.

This Congress with the theme Sexual Health: For Quality Life will strive to bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge and its clinical application.

Warm Personal regards

Dr. Sanjay Deshpande Chairperson – CSEPI

Dr. Sanjay Deshpande
Chairperson – CSEPI

Dr. G. Venkataramana President – IAS

Dr. G. Venkataramana
President – IAS

Dr. N. K. Mohanty President – AI

Dr. N. K. Mohanty
President – AI

Dr. Rajeev Sood President – MHSI

Dr. Rajeev Sood
President – MHSI